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Im very lucky to have a Pilates Studio situated in my back garden (my mum is a professional Pilates Instructor). She has helped me do my exercises and adapted some of them with Pilates equipment

DSC06732 DSC04517

Reformer                                         Cadillac

One of the ways of adapting the exercises was to do the static breathing exercises & Thera Band one, with the added movement pad underneath.This helped my core muscles and to develop my center of balance.I also did The Mermaid on the reformer, and rolled my spine with the Cadillac bar instead of sit ups because there very painful for me

I used a Baby Ark under my lower back (and front ) when doing my trunk stretches this made it more bearable and to increase extension

I used the Reformer instead of the ‘pec deck’ to do the shoulder  and arm exercises

I used the Cadillac to do lunges through the open end using gravity

Some photos during exercises —->